The Human-Centric Approach

April 15, 2024 | By: John DiJulius

The Most Critical Element of an Amazing Customer Experience is Being Human-Centric Today, we are living in the “digital disruption era.” Technological innovations are exploding with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). As an entrepreneur, like so many, I have become enamored with the potential of what AI can do. And,… Read Full Article

Fortune 500 customer complaint blog

Customer Complaints: The Sound of Silence in Corporate Communication

April 09, 2024 | By: John DiJulius

Years ago, one study revealed that customers would rather go to the dentist instead of calling a company’s contact center. Big corporations have now solved that issue by making it virtually impossible to contact them. A new study sheds light on a significant obstacle: the absence of a contact phone number on the homepage of… Read Full Article

Retail strategy by John DiJulius

Retail Strategy: Experience, Experience, Experience

March 04, 2024 | By: John DiJulius
When it comes to retail strategy, the three most important words are no longer location, location, location. They are now experience, experience, experience! For the last century, the phrase "location, location, location" has always been the number one retail strategy of brick & mortar brands. Where your business was located trumped nearly everything else. A... Read Full Article